As an attorney-at-law I conduct professional practice in the Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law providing comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs and institutional entities.

In my work I always focus on individual approach to the Client and his needs, which I consider to be a basic requirement on the demanding and highly diversified legal services market. Each case is considered in a comprehensive and complex manner, which allows me to achieve satisfactory results for the Client. I am always guided by the Client’s interest and, within the framework of the binding legal system, I provide legal solutions that are tailored to his needs.

Cooperation with the Client based on mutual trust and confidentiality allows me to bring the expected legal results to the Clients. Legal assistance is provided in a manner that ensures protection of professional secrecy and in respect with the ethical principles contained in the Code of Ethics of Attorney-at-law.

The costs of provided services are always determined in consultation with the Client, and the amount of remuneration for conducting a case depends on its complexity, workload and expected duration.

Michał Lutnicki is a member of Warsaw Bar Association.