The development of our civilization is today more and more based on digital technology and digital economy. Things and solutions a year ago deemed as new and fresh nowadays are often considered outdated or even obsolete. New technologies are a fascinating element of everyday life and are usually perceived quite enthusiastically. However the law rarely keeps up-to-date with technology and therefore an important role for the security of your company perform … a lawyer. Properly designed draft of implementation or license agreement will help you to avoid financial loses. The assesment of compliance with aplicable legal standards and laws will protect against potential liability. I work with both traditional and agile methodologies with respect to public procurement law and procedures.

In the area of IT and new technologies law, I offer consultancy and assistance encompassing the following areas:

  • contracts (implementation/transferof rights/technology transfer/licences), audits, legal opinions, analyzes
  • aspect of intellectual property rights (including registration of trademarks and patents)
  • preparation and consultation on regulations, privacy policy and other documents
  • personal data protection
  • combating infringements on the Internet and everyday life