Know-how, copyrights, trademarks and patents are often treated as a small part of the company’s value while, along with the crew working in it, determine its strength and market position. In a world where almost everything has already been invented, the creative development of existing products as well as the ability to create new needs, services or products combined with skilful management of intellectual property shall constitute the key to gaining a competitive advantage. Attorney-at-law Michał Lutnicki provides an array of services in the area of intellectual property, copyrights, new technologies and the law issues in IT.

  • copyright management
  • issues involving copyright content, including fair use and public domain
  • legal support in negotiations concerning electronic services contracts, as well as supervision of performance of contract duties
  • legal issues involving the production and introduction of software, including drafting employment contracts, regulations, terms of use, privacy policies etc.
  • legal representation of authors and artists in negotiations with producers and publishers
  • comprehensive legal services for audio-visual works
  • drafting regulations on the use of copyrighted content, as well as licenses and privacy policies
  • legal representation and advice on civil and criminal aspects of intellectual property law violations
  • intellectual property audits